Computer Geekery: Toshiba Satellite Pro 4600 Windows XP Wireless Wi-Fi No Connections Fix

I'm posting this because there might be one, just one person searching on the Internet for the answer to this at some point in the future. Really, most all of you can ignore this post.

I re-installed Windows XP home on to an old Toshiba Satellite Pro 4600 laptop computer and everything seemed to go really well save for the wireless (wi-fi) connection. Although the driver seemed to install on its own and there were no issues in the device manager, the darn thing would never see a wireless network, even though there were wireless networks out there. It would always give the message "no wireless networks were found in range" even with the switch on the side of the computer on and the orange light lit by the switch.

I searched everywhere and found some people with similar problems, but no Windows XP solutions posted. I got it to work with a couple of seemingly un-related-to-the-wireless-card downloads from Toshiba. Here's the fix:

Download each of these:
(This software is the foundation for the other Toshiba-provided utilities and power management software, and must be installed prior to installing other Toshiba software. Some Toshiba applications may refer to this as TVALD (for Toshiba Value-Added Logic Device).)
(Toshiba Utilities provide the HWSetup application and the FnEsse task switcher application.)

I'm pretty sure I had the card switch off -- no idea if it matters.

Install the first download. Restart when prompted. Install the second download. Restart even though you're not prompted to at the end.

Turn the switch on, and watch the magic as your wireless card now detects networks.

To be honest, I don't even know if the second download is necessary, but I know what I did and I know it works now, so there.

Edited to add:
I couldn't connect to my secured home network -- it looks like, though, that the driver is really old and perhaps can't handle the newer security methods used nowadays. I'm going to find an unsecured (public) wi-fi spot to try it out -- I'm thinking it'll work.
PYL Big Bucks

Latest Internet scam...

Folks, never forget the line of, "If it looks too good to be true, it probably is."

The latest Internet scam appears to be getting people to "buy" cheap airfare. Take a look at the following two sites (but do NOT -- DO NOT BUY FROM THEM!). is a SCAM! is a SCAM!

I don't even want to link to them because of how awful this scam is. First thing you'll notice is that the site design is identical between the sites. But I digress...

What these sites do is go out and search airfares, then they mark them DOWN a significant amount to make them really appealing. So, the scam-ee goes to "buy" the tickets, and gives them a ton of information (name, address, credit card, cvv, mother's maiden name (for security reasons, of course), etc.). ...and then there's an "error" when you submit the "payment."

The company then quickly swings into action, getting funds off your credit card and transferred to them via Western Union money transfers. They also e-mail you saying, "sorry there was an error -- we can still hold your tickets at the price we quoted you, but you'll need to wire money to this foreign address:". Big time scam. ...and I'm impressed with their site -- they did a good job making it look legitimate.

Anyway, beware of stuff like this. An article I read said that this is just the tip of the iceburg. Right now, "airfare" websites -- tomorrow, anything, so long as it's something that people will jump on "buying" because the price is too good to be true...

(No, I didn't get taken by this -- I'm just passing along information in the hopes it might save someone from being taken.)
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